About GIST®

Overview. Graphic Information Systems Technology, Inc. (GIST®) is a New York firm that develops custom analytical graphics, visualization, and charting software applications primarily for financial firms and organizations.

Applications developed by GIST® can operate in a variety of environments (web, MS Office, client/server, standalone, etc.).

GIST® has worked with clients in several industries (including engineering, architecture, advertising, manufacturing, and others), but it has increasingly specialized in the financial / investment industry and its major clients are now Wall Street firms.

History. GIST® has operated continuously for over twenty years. During this time, GIST® clients in the financial sector have included Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, UBS, Deutschebank, Nomura, and many other major financial firms.

GIST®'s Strengths. GIST® combines strong technical and software development capabilities, an understanding of the needs of financial analysts and traders, long experience in data analysis and presentation, and a track record of successful system deployments in some of the world's most technically demanding firms.