GSDL® -- Generative Spatial Design Language

Overview. GSDL is a language-based computer-aided design (CAD) system developed by Graphic Information Systems Technology, Inc. It is intended to be used as an add-on to other CAD systems for the design of 3D components that require parametric flexibility as well as the ability to adaptively change model structure in complex ways in response to external inputs.

Custom Model Development. GIST can develop and deliver custom models of parametric CAD components based on GSDL. These models can receive inputs programmatically, or a project-specific GUI interface can be built to customer specifications. The custom GSDL-based model then produces output that can be imported into the client's main CAD system.

Advantages of Language-Based CAD. Since GSDL models are developed using a language, rather than an interactive interface, they can have various types of built-in intelligence. Furthermore, this intelligence can be project-specific. This is a significant advantage over systems that provide built-in intelligent features intended to apply generically in a large variety of situations.

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