GIST® Products

DAPS® -- Data Analysis and Presentation System. DAPS® is GIST®'s flagship product. It offers a high-productivity script language that makes possible fast development of complex data manipulation and charting applications. DAPS® operates in both Unix and Windows environments, accepts data from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats, and generates 2D and 3D charts in all of the major graphic formats.

In addition to the development system itself, DAPS® offers a library of scripts that implement entire applications or application components.

DAPS® charts can have dynamic behaviors when used in web applications, and can operate in AJAX environments.

GDOC -- GIST® Document Processor. GDOC is a specialized document generation system that contains features needed to produce heavily graphic documents with very complex financial tabulations.

GDOC can import charts created with DAPS®, and it can also generate various types of tabular graphics natively. Like DAPS®, GDOC is programmable via a high-level script language which makes possible the automation of large reports with all their tables and graphics.

GDOC has been used to automate the production of research reports and other financial documents at several Wall Street firms.

GGRT -- GIST® Graphics RealTime. GGRT is a programmer's API that is used to develop fast, interactive applications with possible real-time data feeds. GGRT has been used in the development of trading floor applications at many major firms.

GSDL® -- Generative Spatial Design Language. GSDL® is an extension of the DAPS® script language that provides powerful 3D design capabilites. It has been used to generate architectural and engineering models, as well as to produce complex 3D data visualizations.

GIST® System Integration Tools. GIST® has developed a variety of software applications and components that make possible the use of GIST® software in different ways and in different environments. These tools include TCP servers accessible from different languages, FTP servers, GUI front ends, MS Office front ends, and others. Custom interfaces to client systems and data sources are also regularly developed by GIST®.

Note: GIST products are proprietary software offered at no cost to financial firms and organizations. Contact GIST for details.