GIST® Services

GIST® can address a wide range of needs in the areas of computer graphics, analytical charting, thematic mapping, statistical analysis, computer-aided design, and 3D illustrations.

GIST®'s main activity is the development of custom software applications that can operate in a variety of software environments and utilize a variety of graphic technologies.

Typically, GIST®'s clients have needs that cannot be addressed with standard off-the-shelf graphics and charting software. GIST®'s experience in financial software applications as well as its expertise in software development enables it to create custom end-user applications quickly and efficiently.

Applications developed by GIST® can be used through interactive front ends or can serve as the back end of large automated production systems or websites.

In addition to such development services, GIST® offers on-going support and software maintenance, user training, graphics and charting consulting, and integration of GIST®-developed applications with other software systems.

For further information, contact us to discuss your requirements.